Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fly to Mars and be a Ghostbuster

7.30pm, Friday 16th May, The Nursery Theatre, Southwark
Starring Doctor Who's Dan Starkey,Parallelogramophonograph from Austin, Texas
... and Mars. Yes, the planet Mars.

It's lucky Space is infinite or we wouldn't have enough room to fit everything in at the nextGeekeasy comedy night for nerds.

Also, there wouldn't be enough room for segues as bad as that right at the top of an email. Youwch. 
Eris 2035

WINNERS: B. Iden Payne for "Most outstanding.." & "Most continuously innovative improv troupe."
"Brilliant" - Broadway Baby
"Sharp" - The List
★★★★★ London Improv

Improv with Dan Starkey:
(Commander Strax: BBC's Doctor Who)

Tom Adams:
The Dark Side of The Moon 

★★★★ Chortle
"A totally unique comedy experience." - TimeOut

Presentation Wars:
Project 2 battle to make the best case for which one of us should go on the Mission to Mars.

With music from Laura Mead and Dave Waller.
£7.50 in advance
£10 on the door
The creators of Geekeasy are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with "Who Ya Gonna Call?", their musical tribute to the best film of the 1980's.

Three Weeks

"A Cult Audience Experience"
Total Theatre

To contribute and get awesome gifts in return (like being the show!), head on over to their Kickstarter campaign

19th June: OMNIGEEK

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Geekeasy: Comedy For Nerds

This is a message to all the geeks of London. We know you're there: Superhero obsessives, steampunk cosplayers, people who know everything there is to know about the life and career of Marina Sirtis. This night of comedy is for you, you wonderful nerds, as the improv group Project 2 finds comedy that understands you.

The geekiest comedians around all collected together on one new monthly themed night.
"There will always be an underground." Chuck Palahniuk
A night of sketch, stand-up, improv and .. well.. presentations. But good ones. Funny ones.
Join us on 12th April for "Comic Books".


The Beta Males
★★★★★ Three Weeks
★★★★★ Broadway Baby
★★★★★ Spoonfed
★★★★★ Fringe Guru
★★★★ Time Out
★★★★ The List
★★★★ Chortle

Bec Hill
★★★★★ Three Weeks
★★★★ Chortle

"Top 10 funniest comedians on Twitter" - TimeOut

Surname & Surname
★★★★ EdFest
"They're both excellent." - TimeOut

Tom Adams
★★★★ Chortle
"A totally unique comedy experience." - TimeOut

Al Samuels (from Baby Wants Candy, The Improvised Musical with Full Band!)
“Pretty damn brilliant... pretty damn hilarious.” - The Huffington Post
★★★★★ WhatsOn Stage

With music provided by soon-to-become-regulars
Laura Mead and Dave Waller.

COST: £10 on the door, or pre-book <here>
WHEN: 7.30-10.30pm, Saturday 12th January 
WHERE: The Nursery, Arch 61, off Great Suffolk Street and parallel to Union St. SE1 0EU

London Improv have stopped producing shows ourselves, but improv nights are springing up all over the place. It's very exciting. The main improv nights in London at the moment are summed up by this list on the Hoopla Impro website: link