Saturday, 29 October 2011

Grand Theft Impro: The Near Spontaneous Combustion Reunion

Toward the end of last century, all impro groups looked like this. The year is 1991 and "Mach One Make-It-Uppers" (City Limits) Spontaneous Combustion ("Dazzling" The Guardian) are about to visit London's Edinburgh Festival for the second time...

"Constantly funny… a seemingly incongruous group of characters suggested by the audience are relentlessly drawn together. This accomplishment takes supreme ingenuity and merits applause in its own right. The fact the one-liners come thick and fast and the pace never slackens is awe-inspiring."
- The List

Of the group of people you see in this picture, one left immediately after the photo was taken and another did the lights and sound, but on...

...WED 2 NOV (The Daily Express)
8.00pm The Miller,
96 Snowsfields Road
London Bridge
SE1 3SS.

...three of these performers will step onto the stage for the first time together in at least a decade. Which three? Well, they've all been given the address. Let senility decide*.

The Near Spontaneous Combustion Reunion. Like Zep without Bonham, it could go either way.

* It's Phil Whelans (Grand Theft Impro), Niall Ashdown (Whose Line...?, Comedy Store Players, Improbable) and best-selling novelist, Stella Duffy (also Improbable.)

- Phil Whelans

Wednesday 2nd November
Time: Doors 7:30pm, Show 8pm - 10pm with interval.
Cost: £5
Where: The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London, SE1 3SS.


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