Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Got the Valentine's Day Yellows?

On 14th February loads of people will be off doing traditional Valentine's Day things like dinner and sex. You know what we say? -- BORRRING.

The Arcola Theatre
14 FEBRUARY 2012

£12 (£10 concessions) - advance / or all tickets £12 on the door.

The Improvised Movie Live on Stage.

Oscar has every movie ever made…every film you could ever imagine. Join Oscar for a special Valentines day movie night. The audience chooses what the film is about, where the film is set, and even what the film is called. Then Oscar finds the DVD. The movie is created before your very eyes complete with awesome action sequences, captivating plot and a thrilling live film score. Oscar pauses and rewinds the best bits and cuts to hilarious DVD extras.

***** "A rip-roaring laugh with fine acting from start to finish" The Edinburgh Reporter.

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