Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Accidental Festival: 31st May - 1st June

If we're not careful, improv will go mainstream and then more people will be able to enjoy it. It could happen, we surf on waves of success lately.

Helping the tides, The Accidental Festival is coming soon. They reckon that some of the best and most revolutionary breakthroughs come from accidents, so this year they've decided to let a bunch of comic improvisers loose in the Roundhouse... "there's an accident waiting to happen."

Featuring some really awesome improv groups, and favourites of London Improv. Including Music Box, Fat Kitten and - the excellent - Grand Theft Impro. If you want to see some improv in one of those professional theatre thingamajigs, or some other thrilling experimental theatre, pop along to their website for a look at the programme.

I am hoping to enjoy the Tootsie Rollers.
WHEN: Thursday31st May - Sunday 1st June
COST: Tickets from £5, from the Box Office

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