Wednesday, 27 April 2011

In Tribute to Uncle Steve

If you're a regular to our comedy nights, you might by now have noticed a few changes hither and thither. Not huge ones, merely a poster swap really. The Improvised Comedy show information up around The Miller pub has all become part of the bright red London Improv brand, and the familiar Hoopla! electric blue advertising is now focussed on impro workshops. If you're very keen of ear and have your Observational Switch set to 'on' you may have even noticed Steve shout out the London Improv website ( at the end of shows instead of

It was a subtle introduction, and purposefully so. As Steve wrote in this blog, things are remaining largely unchanged for you, dear dedicated audience. There will continue to be a high standard of comedy every Tuesday and Wednesday, concentrating very much on building the reputation and outreach of impro, and showing that it is live, vibrant and exciting. We will still be welcoming good quality, well-produced shows from all sorts of improvisers around and about. We continue to only charge £5 for an entire evening of brilliant entertainment. Lucky for you, faithful ones.

There's another reason, and Steve is too modest to acknowledge it, but it's a big reason.

Uncle Steve has almost single-handedly got these nights to be the success they are. The reason there is great value hilarity every week, the reason those performers have had a stage beneath them and an audience before them is because if the amount of work that Steven 'the imp' Roe has put into it. And believe me, after doing a fraction of it over the last few weeks, it is a helluva lot. Steve continues to pump that work in, and he's now joined by a few others; all under the London Improv banner. We could have had a big launch party, but that would have neutralised Steve's long and continuing dedication. No-one is working harder than this man to further impro in London, and for us to come bounding in with a big party would be grotesquely glory-seeking.

Steve is The Man; so next time you see him, tell him how awesome he is and how thankful you are for all the hard work he does.

And if you've ever had an inkling to be funnier or learn any new skill, get yourself down to a Hoopla! workshop or two, and learn from him. He's a chap who knows.

Thanks Steve.

Ooh, if you do want a big party, we'll be having a big send off to mark the end of the season on the 27th July. And if you're good boys and girls over summer, we might have a big one when we start up again in September.
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