Sunday, 10 April 2011

This week at The London Improv Comedy Club

Tuesday 12th April
Another night to see some brilliant people try their hand at something new, and show-up all the professionals with how good they are. Loads of lovely improvisers doing stand up for the first time ever or doing brand new material.
Cast includes:
Debbie Syrop, Paul Foxcroft, Conor Jatter, Tome Webster, James from The Miller, Rob Grundel, Steve Roe, Jonny from The Miller, Emily Howell, Edgar Fernando, Paul Rice, Matt Thompson, Ryan Miller, Louie Christie, Geoff Marshall, Vikki Pipe, Luke Beahan and Nick Oram...
Compered by the delectable Becca Gibson of Music Box Improvised Musical.

Wednesday 13th April
Fun Stuff and The Guild of Angels

Fun Stuff have but one aim - to give the audience a good time. Lots of fast and fun improvised games with ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ and ‘Fast and Loose’ style favourites.
Cast includes Rhys Collier, Dylan Buckle, Nick Oram and Steve Violich
with Steve Roe directing.

followed by

The Guild of Angels. Expect something new and exhilarating with a brand new show from Jules Munns, the creator of the Slap Dash impro festival, and performer in Music Box and Friendly Fire.

Tuesday & Wednesday produced in association with Hoopla Impro Shows & Workshops.

Thursday 14th April
It's Jonathan's birthday, so feel free to send him large presents that are also incredibly valuable. And give him a hug.

Saturday 16th April
A really special show as 8bit bring you the first of two gigs at The Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell. They create an intricate adventure of stories and characters from a single word from the audience, and take you on a journey the likes of which has never been seen before or since. And in this show they will be trying out a whole new thing that they've never done on stage before. Ooooooh.

"The best British Harold I've ever seen" - Matt Andrews, Fingers on Buzzards

How often do you get to spend a Saturday eve watching brilliant improvised comedy & then party-ringing into the night with your mates, hanging those school-night consequences on the coat hook of mirth? Hardly ever, right?... then read the date. Oh yeah, Saturday fun-time.

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