Sunday, 24 April 2011

This Week at The London Improv Comedy Club

Tuesday 26th April
Fun Stuff is a regular show with a rolling cast hand-picked by Steve Roe. Together they have but one aim - to give the audience a good time. Lots of fast and fun improvised games with ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ and ‘Fast and Loose’ favourites.

Cast this week includes Steve Violich, Emily Howell, Tara Philips, Rhys Collier and Andrew Gentilli with Steve Roe directing.

They will be followed by one of Britain’s most established and experienced groups, Brighton’s award winning improv group The Maydays. Including John Cremer, Katy Schutte and that Steve Roe chap.

"*****" - Three Weeks

Wednesday 27th April
Wednesday opens with an improvised musical from London Improv favourite: Music Box, who perform an entire one-act musical based on just a few suggestions from the audience. Cast includes: Becca Gibson, Rhiannon Vivian, Maria Peters and Jonathan Funkhouse.

“Music Box - dynamic, original and captivating. I haven't laughed so much or felt so much a part of a performance... Would recommend their night to anyone who wants to have a good time!”

Then Remy Bertrand directs Friendly Fire's show ‘The Interruption of Dreams’ with a performing collective of improvisers, actors, dancers and an orchestra!

Friendly Fire ask members of the audience to tell them about their dreams. Real, genuine dreams they had. They then proceed to enter a state of semi-psychedelic trance in which each dream will be re-enacted, with all its details explained. Easy.

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