Sunday, 1 May 2011

This week at The London Improv Comedy Club

A very exciting line-up this Tuesday and Wednesday night, as - quite literally - a sack-load of improvisers take to our stage, including some new faces that you might not recognise. Oop, I just had a joygasm.

Tuesday 3rd May
Fat Kitten go head-to-head with The Inflatables in an improvised Smackdown to end all arguments. This is a preview of Fat Kitten Improv's Edinburgh Fringe Show: "Fat Kitten vs. The World" where they take on all the other impro groups they can lay their sweaty little paws on, in a battle of wit, charm and joke-fighting. This week they deal with The Inflatables, a high-speed all-stars group of Hoopla alumni.

They will be followed by the mighty Music Box in their snazzy new outfits. So snazzy and new, they haven't even made it to the website yet. Music Box take a few suggestions from the audience and use them to create an entire musical before you; with no script, no director and no safety nets. It has to be seen to be believed. With eyes.

Wednesday May the 4th be with you
Totally new group Your Girlfriend jump in front of you like a confident bunny and take you on a lady-ride. Five ladies from as diverse locations as Canada, America, Surrey and wherever Briony is from, spin quick-fire scenes and use them as fuel for tales of adventure and whimsy, with the audience guiding their character’s decisions every step of the way.

Fast-paced, high-octane... fragrant.
Directed by the inimitable Paul Foxcroft.

Then 8bit bring you Chicago-style longform impro in a teacup with a Union Jack on it; creating an intricate weave of stories from your ideas and taking you on a journey the likes of which has never been seen before or since. Or now.
Or before.

“I liked it when the animals talked.”
Katy Schutte, News Revue

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