Monday, 30 May 2011

We Are The New Them: Live!

WE ARE THE NEW THEM is a chance to experience improvised comedy at its best with two brilliant groups in a proper theatre with seats and lights and everything.
It's like having a laugh with your mates but every single one of those mates has trained for years to make themselves even funnier.

Entertainment made up before your very eyes and to your own specifications!


Music Box
"Music Box stand out for their ambition, their variety, their creativity... and the fact they actually can sing... this is the purest style of improv"
- FringeGuru
"The best impro I've ever seen!" - Nicola, Producer

8bit Improv
"You guys got good game" - David Shore, Monkey Toast
"Slick… good naturalistic acting…" - George, Music Box

And with Christian Aid on board too you might even learn something about the world around you.
Or you might not. You might just laugh a lot.
That’s a risk you’ll have to take.

Tickets available from HERE

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