Thursday, 5 April 2012

Silly String Theory: Serendipity 5

"I was on the set of the TARDIS the other day. No big deal. Sometimes I'm on the set of my favourite television programme in the world. No big deal. It happens. Get over it. Anyway, I met a tall Canadian. He was tall and good looking and garrulous. Like you expect them to be. He had an easy going way about him and smelt of maple. We got talking. About halfway through the conversation I was struck by something, an intuition I guess. "Are you an improvisor?" I asked. It turned out that not only was he an improvisor but he worked with one of my favourite Improv troupes, Die Nasty AND we had friends in common. And yet we had met on the set of a time machine in far off Cardiff, strangers in a crowd who struck up a random conversation. Yesterday I got a text 'Going to catch a Improv show near London Bridge tomorrow. Want to come?' - I told him I would. It was my show."
- Chris 5/4/12

Silly String Theory is a ground-breaking improvised play that picks strands from our lives and explores how we meet, part, love and live together.

19th-21st April & 26th-28th April
Time: 7.30pm.
Cost: £10 Tickets available HERE.

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