Sunday, 1 April 2012

Silly String Theory: Serendipity 1

"London is a massive, sprawling place. You never really bump into people you know like you do in a small town. But, like there are 8 degrees of Kevin Bacon, there is 1 degree of improvisers. In Italy at the Match Improvvisazione Teatrale, Jinni and I met two English improvisers in Piza who have mutual improv friends in London, despite the fact that they haven't been in the country for years. Teaching a course last weekend, one of my students who used to live in London lived in the flat next to the one I live in now. One degree."
- Katy 1/4/12

Silly String Theory is a ground-breaking improvised play that picks strands from our lives and explores how we meet, part, love and live together.

19th-21st April & 26th-28th April
Time: 7.30pm.
Cost: £10 Tickets available HERE.

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