Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Silly String Theory: Serendipity 4

"Dear Gramps,
Today is the 4th April and would have been your 87th birthday. I realised yesterday that you are the only person of whose birthdays I have distinct memories. I remember you turning 66 when I was little and then thinking for years that you were 66 as I had not really grasped the concept of ageing. I remember your 70th, when everyone clubbed together and bought you a flight in a Tiger Moth, your 75th at The Winterbourne Arms and your 80th, when I made you a chocolate cake and Mummy and I managed to fit 80 gold candles on it. She had to hold my hair back as we presented it to you so that I didn't catch fire.
So many numbers. In 3 days, you will have been dead for 6 months. So many numbers.
Marcus Aurelius said in 46 AD that "everything in eternity is of like forms and comes around in a circle". I find this quite comforting, that everyone has felt this way before. But Professor Brian Cox tells us of the arrow of time, constantly moving forward. I don't know how those two fit together.
So many numbers, when all that really matters is days, nights and seasons. To me, your birthday has always heralded the spring.

Lots of love, Jinni xxx

P.S. You were right, whisky is actually quite nice."

- Jinni 4/4/12

Silly String Theory is a ground-breaking improvised play that picks strands from our lives and explores how we meet, part, love and live together.

19th-21st April & 26th-28th April
Time: 7.30pm.
Cost: £10 Tickets available HERE.

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